73rd Reading Scout Troop

Our Scout Troop meets on a Wednesday evening. See below for what we've got planned this term!

Summer 2018

Wed 25th April: Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

Wed 2nd May: Get Out of This One

Tue 8th May: Gotta Have Faith

Wed 16th May: Oompa Loompa Doompity Doo

Wed 23rd May: Finders Keepers

Wed 6th June: Wide Load

Wed 13th June: Medic! We Need a Medic!

Wed 20th June: Scouts!!! On Ice!!!

Wed 27th June: Monkey Around

Wed 4th July: Independence Day

Wed 11th July: Smoothie of Life and Death

Wed 18th July: Parting is Such Savoury Sorrow